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Professor Bijou The professor is a very mysterious man, but a man who loves everyone he comes across. Except birds, Bijou hates birds. In his spare time away from writing, Bijou likes to go on long drives in the country and ponder his life.

Hu-Mans Call To Fredom

Hu-Mans Call To Fredom

Hu-Mans Call To Fredom

Hu means God and man is the man-I-festation of God. Think of it simply that we are all created in the perfect image of God which is love, making us all the same and one of a kind. God breathed his life into each and every one of us giving us free will to express this life force through this body in our own unique loving way.

As we leave Hu out of the equation we think that man is the total sum of who we are. Through our forgetfulness we divorce our form from our better half and we live from man’s law (beliefs) alone. We live only half a life, often left wanting and with no-sense of be-longing.

All beliefs are man-made and therefore limited. Without Hu guiding us we build a belief system on the foundations of fear and we think this is the real deal. We can spend a life time following and worshipping this false guru always searching outside of our self for something more.

When we make the decision to remember and to re-marry with Hu we become Human(e) again. Humane means kindness and represents the highest non form of communication available to man-kind and when integrated overcomes and becomes the highest form of communication through man’s kindness. Unlike fear which is about conforming, Hu, which is Natural Spiritual Love and very real, is about transforming so that we experience a real sense, like a sixth sense of Self and a real sense of belonging. Instead of re-acting from fear we enjoy inspired action which comes from the loving prompts of our inner spirit. We will no longer feel alone but will savour the real experience of oneness.

Hu, or God is of no matter so it is of no matter what you call ‘It’. All that really matters is, that when you recover the essence of your true Self you give your self the best chance to recover from un-wellness (what ever form that looks like for you) and to re-call true well-being.

Now, as simple as it sounds I am not saying that it is all easy. This fearful and false God has been around for a long while and will not give up without a fight. There will be many times when we will forget our way Home and will wander back over the bridge onto the well trodden path of fear. The temptation will, at times be so great that we will be unable to resist. During these times we need to simply be aware of where we are and take care, until we find the next sign post that guides us back Home. These sign posts or messages can come in strange packages, disguised as books, people, or any other form. Remember to go beyond the cover of the disguise and be willing to see the all important message inside.

Remember we are bridging the gap with Hu and man and this is about raising faith and lowering fear until faith is stronger, ‘and’ no longer exists. Now as two wills become one you will find every other decision you make flows from this one Wholesome, loving Human Being giving you the best chance to flower, bloom and flourish safely and naturally

Remember it isn’t change that takes time; it’s the decision to change that can take time. When the decision is made the process of change is instant.

The choice is yours. You can break the cycle, if you choose. You can change your mind and fill your consciousness with Real Love and worship your new found Self as One with the real God. As you are willing, you will begin to see everything differently. You will see the Good in yourself, others and your world.

Marie Brunger is an accomplished and inspired author, speaker and healer. Her latest book “I AM a Spiritual Approach to Mental Health is a result of a decision she made over 20 years ago to heal her life and to help others to do the same. Her time spent working with people with mental health issues has substantiated a need to include Spirituality as an important role for the prevention, intervention and recovery of mental wellness

Marie has supported thousands of people through their personal and life threatening challenges to find the freedom to choose who they want in the drivers’ seat of their life - Love or fear.