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How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

Exactly How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions FBA, as well as generally marketing products on the platform, has quickly come to be a goldmine for a variety of suppliers - who both entered very early and took care of to grow a target market that wanted what they were offering.

To do this properly, you have to be able to consider exactly what you’re doing pertaining to the sale of products, and also just how they’re showcased.

Aside from appealing images, the description is the main method individuals are able to get an insight into what the product does, how it works - as well as exactly how it’s various to other completing ones.

This guide aims to highlight just how you have the ability to handle one of the most effective Amazon product listing descriptions …


Amazon item listings follow the exact same framework:



Attributes (Bullet Things).

Description (incl HTML).

What most people see in the Amazon listing is the leading part (Title, Images & Bullet Points) - the “meat” of the listing is the description, which can consist of basic HTML formatting.

If you wish to create a reliable listing, the method is to be clear, concise and also thorough.

The very best usually have clear, high definition photos, paired with interesting & compelling bullet factors (which are concentrated on advantages) and a keyword-rich title.

The real awesome the “duplicate” utilized throughout the listing. Both in the bullet-points and also the full summary, having the ability to convey the advantages of the product whilst making certain the viewers is obliged to purchasing your particular item is a great line.

Because of the nature of this duplicate, a number of copywriting professionals have been making serious money offering “ Product Listing” copywriting services. The premise is they will certainly assist people make more cash by creating a lot more lucid duplicate.

How To Do It Yourself.

As stated, the above framework is pretty-much what determines whether a product will be accepted by Amazon.

The most crucial point to do is comprehend what “triggers” customers to trust your product.

When marketing products, it’s far much better to handle emotion than reasoning …

Logically, you may assume the item can be listed and individuals will certainly select it, assess it based on its features as well as purchase.

Emotionally, people choose items by the firm they really feel will deliver an experience as near their goals as possible.

Such instances as producing a “compelling” title (which simply needs to detail the numerous functions of the item from the point of view of how it can be used) and a “summary” which showcases exactly how the product can suit the purchaser’s life will transform much more than merely detailing the features of the item. Bear in mind, the majority of individuals are buying the product for an ulterior factor … highlighting how it will certainly push them to this underlying outcome will make the distinction between acquiring the product or otherwise.

To this end, the following describes exactly how each of the components of the description work:.


The most vital thing to ensure with an item’s title is that it’s as descriptive as feasible.

Certainly - some products (such as books) do not need extremely descriptive titles. Nevertheless, most of groups do call for the most detailed title feasible.

Consider the copying:.

AYL Silicon Food Preparation Rubber Gloves - Warmth Resistant Stove Mitt For Grilling, BBQ, Cooking Area - Safe Handling of Pots and also Pans - Cooking & Cooking Non-Slip Potholders - Inner Safety Cotton Layer.

AYL Silicon Food Preparation Rubber Gloves (Green) - Warmth Resistant Oven Mitt + Internal Cotton Layer.

It’s confirmed that the leading title converts higher.

The reason for this is really extremely easy - individuals rely on the more descriptive nature of it.

In a clean of 100’s of comparable products, individuals want high quality, value and assurity that the firm behind the item is really mosting likely to be legitimate. Having a detailed, inclusive title as the top one is one of the best means to do it.


Pictures are needed for obtaining items seen.

The secrets with images are as complies with:.

Clearness is * everything * - do not stress over any type of background or whatever - individuals wish to see the high quality of the product and anticipate 4k+ imagery to reveal it.

Just reveal what’s required - software don’t “require” a box yet they’ll clearly include in the understanding of its quality– people mostly need to see screenshots.

Make certain the images stand for * specifically * what the purchaser is getting - do not use any tricks/hacks to make the item look far better than what it is - simply show people the product & devices which might include it.

If you’re not very good with photographs, you’ll need to talk with a digital photographer.

Additionally, there are business on the likes of Fiverr that’ll have the ability to establish a good shot as well.

The point is that as long as you have actually ~ 5 actually great images, this need to be fine.

Functions (Bullet Information).

This is where points begin to obtain crucial.

The functions (bullet factors) are meant to describe the specifications of the product; they’re currently mostly made use of to supply customers with information about the product (duplicate).

Regardless of what you create there, there are several elements to think about:.

Cover features inside advantages - As opposed to claiming “15cm long”, state “3 HANDY SIZES - 5cm, 10cm & 15cm”.

Include ALL 5 bullets - could be tempting to just use 3 - make use of every one of the 5 as well as speak about the company & “guarantee” for the last one.

Lead with “CAPITALIZED” advantages - purchasers want to know what the item is mosting likely to for them, and then why - you do this with “CAPITALIZED TITLES - complied with by a description of each factor”.

Do not be afraid to utilize a number of sentences for every bullet - some products just need the features provided; if you require additional side, include copy.

Concentrate on the product (not the customer) - beginners make the mistake of leading with buyer-centric benefits (due to the fact that they review it in some copywriting discussion forum) - this is bad. Individuals get on Amazon to buy items, not discover how an oven handwear cover will certainly make them look younger and so on

. As discussed, if you’re considering creating an efficient system, you require to be able to motivate purchasers that your firm - and by virtue - your items are credible and premium quality.

The way you do that is to make as much use of the readily available content area as possible.


Finally, the description is the bulk of content below all the requirements laid out “above the fold”.

Depending on the kind of item, as well as whether you have a new brand name or established firm, the “description” area can be a variety of different points.

It’s finest to consider it comparable to a product listing page on eBay - showcasing precisely what’s available for sale. Minus images, a comparable state of events exists (you can make use of restricted quantities of HTML in it).

The most important thing to recognize is that you’re not limited to just bullet-points (as you are with the item features) - this not just offers a little a lot more imaginative flexibility. Certainly, this means that you need to ensure you’re making the appropriate options …

Lead with the SINGLE reason people would buy YOUR product over a rival’s - marketing/ sales 101 but it’s so easy to forget it. There’s always a SINGLE reason that people purchase a particular item (it can be the high quality, style or exactly how it works).

Lead with a headline, utilize a small bit of blurb to explain the item and then utilize a number of bullet points to explain what the buyer is going to obtain - you only obtain ~ 300 words so don’t overdo.

Pick an emotive angle - The very best item are offered via emotion - use copy that evokes concepts of how the product will certainly suit somebody’s life.

Usage HTML moderately - bold text is nice, however not the defining aspect of your item - don’t overdo it with the stylization (it need to compliment the duplicate, not specify it).

Recommended Resources.

If you’re brand new to the game, you need to be keep in mind that absolutely nothing will certainly replace having an effective product.

Exactly how you display stated product is additionally incredibly crucial, as are testimonials.

To obtain a much better insight, there are a number of actually great sources:.

levinewman on Fiverr (likewise search for “Embrava” on for examples of his job).

splitly - “The Utiltimate Item Description Theme” (GREAT info).

The factor is that if you’re looking to listing either brand-new or existing items - it pays to ensure that you’re using the most effective techniques to impart trust fund, wish and self-confidence in your purchasers.