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Custom Popup JQuery

Custom Popup JQuery

Custom Popup JQuery

Need help to create custom popup jquery? Stuck in HTML and CSS or facing jquery errors? We have the solutions for the custom pop up. Use our custom pop up jquery snippet right now. Before you start using it, read below things properly to get a better understanding of it.

In this article, we will show how to create own custom pop up using jquery. Our code and steps are too simple. You can follow up all the things with a very basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and jQuery. As no hard coding is required for creating a custom pop up. But before moving on coding, we like to share some important things with you.

Is custom popup jquery required?

A custom pop up is a basic need for every website. Most of the clients want popups on their websites. Because it is the basic requirement of every website. It is a better way to interact with users. That is useable to show quick info, viewing images, playing videos, generating previews. Also, It can be used for forms like login form, sign up form, quick contact form. In these days, almost every website use pop up for newsletters. That is why it is the most common and popular snippet of jQuery. Our custom pop up snippet uses very basic HTML and CSS so it is very easy to customize it. Besides that, it is compatible with all the browsers, CMS, and frameworks. No matter in which technology your website is build in. Custom pop up can be added on every website.

How does it work?

It is not a big deal to create custom pop up. You just need to think with fresh mind so you can’t stuck in the coding. In the custom popup basically, we need to show and hide a section of HTML. And showing it at the top of the screen(above on all other HTML elements). All we need to do is writing a few lines of CSS and jQuery. CSS for designing purpose means to show the popup on the top of the screen and making it like a popup. Where jQuery makes the popup functional. For example, show and hide HTML section on a button click. Once CSS and jQuery are combined together it will work as a custom popup.

How to create custom popup?

Now the question is, How to write the exact code for the custom popup? []read more