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Codeaid is Out Now The First Completely Free Developer Testing Tool

Codeaid is Out Now The First Completely Free Developer Testing Tool

Codeaid, developed and created by Scopic Software, is the first completely free online performance testing platform designed to test developers and engineers against real-world scenarios.  Codeaid (http://www.codeaid.io/) is ideal for recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for a solution to make better hiring decisions. Codeaid aims to help avoid mis-hires by testing developers against simulated real-world scenarios that test on-the-job performance. This is because the duration of the tests is much longer than those currently on the market, allowing for more comprehensive skills testing.   Why is Codeaid so Special? Scopic has been in the technology and web development industry for over 15 years, and it was through its own personal experiences of trying to find a truly fit-for-purpose tool to accurately gauge developer skill levels and problem-solving abilities that Codeaid was developed. And because the company believes in it so strongly, it is available completely free. Benefits of Codeaid It is free and accessible to use for all users wishing to offer in-depth tests to developers.

Codeaid allows candidates to use the same IDE they would use in real life. The test scoring system is fully automated and probably the most automated on the market to date. It is able to check code output as well as utilize its built-in tools to analyze and assess the visual output of tests.  The level of automation for code and visual outputs will significantly reduce the need for technical staff to be involved in grading.   The software offers a fully multi-tenant system that allows users to have multiple companies and/or teams under one account. Regardless of how many users are added to the account, the use of the software will remain free of charge to both administrators and users of the software. Codeaid utilizes git, which is the most common version control system that developers and engineers use in real-life projects.

More Potential to Come. Scopic is Planning New Features Ahead. Scopic is planning for premium features that will provide functionality beyond the core.

Currently Codeaid introduces four public challenges (based on general industry needs), but will be regularly adding more. Contact the Codeaid team and share specific needs towards creating custom challenges for advanced customers. More insightful grading summary that will enable less technical recruiters to more easily digest the output and recognize the candidate’s strength and weaknesses by not only checking the output, but also code quality and structure as well. A unique Reviewer Service that provides customers with a skillful engineer to review the candidates’ submissions and potentially do a follow-up with candidates and then send back the report to Codeaid.

Measure what matters. To try Codeaid’s features at absolutely no cost, visit www.codeaid.io. For more information or questions, please contact us. Contact Codeaid Teamemail: [email protected] Source: Scopic Software