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Android And PPSSPP Games| How To Download

Android And PPSSPP Games| How To Download

There are a lot of things to do with your android device in your leisure time, one of which is to play games on it. But before you do that, you need to download them, they don't come automatically with your device. This article contains step-by-step guides on how to download these games. Read on to find out more!

How to Download Android games

Your android device always comes with a play store where you can download apps and games.

  • Open the play store on your device
  • Select the game icon from the left corner at the bottom
  • Choose your genre and install any game of your choice from there.

For iOS, android games cannot be downloaded without added help.

Download an emulator

There are free emulators on the web available for download for iOS. You can either download it directly on your iOS smartphone or on your Mac. If it's on your PC you have to transfer it to your smartphone via USB cable.

Install the emulator

After downloading or transferring it from your PC, you need to install it before use it. It's simple to do that. Just double-click on the file.

Download your games

You can proceed to download your games via the emulator, just like you would on an android device. However, you need to stay on the app each time you want to play your android game.

You can also get a PlayStation game on your device. Although most PlayStation games are not available for android, some software makes it possible to play PSP games on your device. This software is a PSP emulator. They make your device platform match up to the PlayStation for games. There are different kinds of PSP emulators, but the most popular is the PPSSPP emulator.

PPSSPP Emulator

Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable (PPSSPP) is one of the top PSP emulators for android devices. This emulator is available for download for free. It is easy to use and it plays PSP games compatible with your Android device. It converts downloaded phone games into ISO and CSO files. It also stores the game on your device or external storage attached to your device, like the SD card.

How to Download PPSSPP Games

Download the Emulator.

Before downloading a PPSSPP game, you need to first download the emulator. PPSSPP emulator app is available on the Google Play store for free download unless you want to go premium – download the paid version.

Install PPSSPP Games

The emulator does not come with PSP games, so you need to install them once you are done downloading the emulator.

How to Install PPSSPP Games

  • Open the emulator app on your device and grant the app permission to access your device storage.
  • Connect your device to your PC or any available one via USB cable
  • On your PC, access the app and download any game of your choice.
  • the downloaded games are always in ISO or CSO formats and the PC automatically creates a PSP folder
  • Transfer the downloaded games to the game folder inside the PSP folder and you are free to disconnect from the PC
  • Back on your smartphone, open the PPSSPP emulator and select games
  • Go home and click on PSP
  • From there, select games to access your downloaded game
  • Select the one you want to play and you are done!

Bottom Line

There are available websites where you can download PPSSPP games. One such website is duddelas Gaming. They offer both android and PPSSPP games for download. Feel free to see their games collections.