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Amazon Is Participating in Illegal Price Fixing and Monopoly Fraud

Amazon Is Participating in Illegal Price Fixing and Monopoly Fraud Is Taking Part In Illegal Cost Correcting as well as Syndicate Fraudulence is participating in unlawful price taking care of and monopoly scam. The means it functions. I am a brand-new seller at I sourced products from US based dealers and also published it on

These items all have UPCs as well as brand owners have produced these listings on prior to me. All I am doing is providing my inventory and also offering these items, basically contending for the “buy box”.

Couple of days after I began marketing, my account obtained closed down. Amazon sent me a message that I may be marketing unauthentic products and also asked me to send invoices, contracts as well as any kind of various other information that may prove otherwise.

I did whatever as well as more. I sent out to all the contracts, billings, contact details of the dealers.

Amazon received ample information that they need to confirm. No one bothered to confirm anything. I think no one at has also checked out it. It’s simply not being looked into as Amazon assures. Replies are computer system produced and also generic messages sent by a software.

A number of going back and also forth, Amazon has been sending me messages claiming that I am not marketing genuine items, even after I gave a frustrating quantity of details verifying or else. Absolutely nothing makes it through. No human reviews it duration.

Here is the factor. does not desire third event vendors promoting brands and also offering it under a particular cost, in that instance will make less money in commissions, however it’s prohibited to impose it by doing this. It’s against monopoly regulations. It also permits brand name owners to break supreme court guideline from 2017 - you get it, you possess It, to make sure that sellers do deny well-known things at the wholesale rates to note it on Amazon below MSRP. This regulation “you acquire it you own it” clearly states that if you bought a thing legitimately, it’s yours to do as you desire as well as the brand owner waves all the rights.

Lawfully brand proprietors can not state that they do not desire 3rd celebration vendors. Amazon is allowing this scenario instead, the manufacturer - brand name proprietor and the vendor are the same and also no 3rd celebration vendor can come close. That is cost repairing as well as monopolizing. That way brand owners can value their products on at the highest possible prices, makes a lot more in compensations as well as brand name owners do not have to stress over underselling products at wholesale rates. This is the biggest scam of perpetuity, when you are handling the majority of market share. We are speaking about billions of dollars. This is SCAMS! Everybody wins other than the tiny flea like me - the seller that is intended to be protected by the United States regulations, regulations that failed miserably. It seems like I am staying in a 3rd world nation, not the United States. My legal rights are violated and also no one is doing anything about it.

It does not take a wizard on to include filters in Amazon’s data source, where it’s a checkmark - third event vendors allowed per product or otherwise, that would certainly be illegal. Rather allows everyone to list as they wish, making it appear like every little thing is according to regulations as well as comfortably act that sellers are noting counterfeit items (as they mention may be counterfeit), closing down their accounts based upon assumption and asking to provide paperwork that no one is also reviewing at !!!! is in on this scam with brand name owners and also it’s sad that our American judiciary system is enabling it to happen.Where are the US regulations. Where is the expense of rights? Where is the free market? This is illegal, this is 100% SCAMS. I don’t recognize where the US congress is checking out and why it is allowed to proceed.

I are just one of numerous hundreds of sufferers of this and also I want it to quit!

P.S. Somebody I know experienced the exact same process and eventually, he made a whole lot more sales contrasted to me and iced up $4,000 on his account. Few days ago, Amazon sent this private the following (not only is devoting FRAUDULENCE, they have actually swiped cash from he or she):.

After completing our examination and examining the info you gave, we have identified that your Amazon seller account has been utilized to take part in deceitful, deceptive, or prohibited activity (WTF?) that damages our customers, other selling companions, and also our store. What occurs currently? The funds in your account will not be disbursed to you. This is a decision made after examining the details you offered. We may not respond to more e-mails concerning this problem. Where can I find more info about this plan? If you have inquiries regarding this choice, please evaluation our help web page in Seller Central at the following link: …

Sincerely, Seller Performance Team.